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How we got into Leo’s ...

I am a dog groomer, and a Leo came in for grooming, I was so taken by this girl, as soon as she left I started researching! After a year of learning and meeting more, I was delighted to bring a boy puppy home from Sylvia at Sylbert kennel, called Khan. He was adorable and huge!
A year later I had a girl pup from the Aceca’s kennel called Kimba, she was shown with good results.
Then came Luna from the Stormchaser kennel! Such a diva.
I was lucky enough to have pups from Kimba and Luna and kept a girl from each litter. Those girls where Bindi and Karli.(Neither girls had pups)
I then had Tiana from Rua Soleil Kennel in Russia. May 2019
And Mishka from Teffills kennel in Russia. Nov 2019
So having two youngsters in the house is hard work, but worth every bit. I have been showing Tiana from May 2019, doing well. Mishka is still learning at ring craft, but will be going to her first show soon.

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