The Leonberger

Leonberger’s are large hairy dogs that do not realise their size, they stop half way through a doorway thinking they are inside, when their butt is still outside!
They love everything and everyone, as long as they are socialised well as a puppy. They are sensitive but need strict training, otherwise they will run rings around you, which can be dangerous with a 50kg+ dog! A raised voice is all that’s needed for punishment, never a raised hand!!!
We feed ours a raw diet, and they all enjoy it. No more hot spots or ear problems and always firm stools.
Grooming is a must! A good slicker brush, comb and de-matting comb should keep the coats healthy.
Brush at least once a week, bath occasionally, but if muddy just rinse off with water! Too many baths will not be needed for this coat type.

Leonberger’s are becoming more and more popular, and it is easier to find a puppy, but you must do your homework, check parents are health tested. They are a large dog that can come with large vet bills, and large health problems. Unfortunately cancer is one we can’t test for, but worth looking at their pedigree to see a pattern. There is no guarantee you can avoid it sadly. That’s why all tests that can be done, must be suitable results and checked thoroughly by potential puppy buyers. Always see pups with their mum, and own breeding environment. Try and see the dad too if possible. No aggression should be shown by any Leonbergers and they should be happy and interested. Ask as many questions as possible, as the breeder should have lots for you also.  

These are the health test results I adhere to, from Leonberger Club of GB. 

Hips no more than 25 total or 15 on one side.
Elbows preferably 0 but 1 is ok.
LPN 1, ideally both parents N/N but ONE parent can be D/N.
LPN 2 both parents N/N.
Lemp ideally both parents N/N but ONE parent can be D/N.
**(If D/N dogs are used, some of the litter will be carriers, which is D/N)
(D/D dogs are affected and should not be bred)
Eyes must test clear for Hereditary cataracts, tested yearly, so check dates!
Eyes- Gonioscopy grade 0-1 -tested 3 yearly.

More health and breeding information from the Kennel Club about the Leonberger. And Leonberger Clubs and Leonberger Rescue.

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